• esse Hot Cupboard with Bench Top $4900

  • esse Hot Cupboard with 3Zonne Induction Hot Plates $5990

  • esse enamel flue (900mm length) $185

  • Standard Triple Skin Flue (4m) w/ heat shield $650

  • Flashing (metal roof) $65

  • Flashing (tiled roof) $95



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Esse 990CH Hydronic Wood Stove

Esse 990CH High Power Wood Boiler

The ESSE 990CH is not a cooker – it’s a boiler…well its both

The main feature of this stove is the massive 16.9kW hot water boiler. It will heat so much hot water, you can run up to 8 >12 radiators or in-slab heating AND also heat your domestic hot water

The large boiler comes with summer bricks, this means you can set your stove up for those long Canberra summers and still use your stove without heating your home

It’s also an oven…

The ESSE 990CH has 2 true cooking ovens – both 460mm deep, that are heated equally and evenly – perfect for the true baker who need the perfect temperature ovens

esse 990ch wood stove
esse 990ch wood stove

Large Hot Plate Cooking

An extra wide 990mm wide cook top with ESSE’s unique DOGBONE style plates give you added cooking, up to 7 pots at once can simmer away

ESSE’s Round Hot Plate covers

Two stunning chromed hot plate covers allow you to have your stove ticking over all day without over heating your home

Colour There is over 30 enamel finishes available. With up to 5 coats of Glass Enamel, this not only gives your cooker a robust working surface, but with esse’s choice of colours – you can really make your esse 990 yours

Add a companion ESSE’s optional electric companion can be added to your ESSE 990 to give you the ultimate all year round cooking solution

esse 905 with companion
esse 905 with companion

Esse 990Ch Review

Understanding Hydronic Heating with your esse


Height 900mm
Width 990mm
Depth 600mm


Hot water capacity 16.9kW
Summer mode 3kW