$2364 (Pedestal)


  • change to legs $101

  • add a Fan $357

  • Ash Dump $187

  • Nikel Leg upgrade $268

  • Nikel Door upgrade $217

  • Outside Air Adaptor (pedistal) $50.00

  • Outside Air Adaptor (legs) $87

  • Standard Drop Box Flue Kit $530


$2364 (Pedestal)

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Super 27 Pedestal or Legs heats 210 + m2

The Super – Heats 210+m2

Stunning heater that has a stunning flame pattern, great overnight burn and the function of a Cook Top gives the Super 27 a true heater that performs afc1e84f9l

4 Star Performance

The Super27 is tested at 67% Efficiency, or 4 Star Rating. This 22% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 2mtrs of wood less per year

The Super Wood Heater - 4 Star Performance

  • The Super Wood Heater - 12+ Hour Burn Time

    12+ Hour Burn Time

    The Super27 will give you 12+ hours of burn time when using good dry hardwood.

  • 4.5 Star Emissions

    The Super27 is tested at 1.1grms, or 4.5 Star rating with Emissions – : that’s an impressive 55% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class

    The Super Wood Heater - 4.5 Star Emissions

  • Optional Fan

    Unlike other fans, the Pacific Energy optional fan has an automatic mode, meaning it will only work when your heater is hot.. So no more blowing cold air

  • A heater that gives you serious flame

    The Stainless Steel Baffle system brings the combustion air through this into the fire – heating it up to an impressive 800�C+ that will incinerate any un-burnt smoke into more flame and heat – making this one impressive fire

    The Super Wood Heater - A heater that gives you serious flame

  • The Super Wood Heater - Seriously Clean Glass

    Seriously Clean Glass

    The Pre-Heated Air Wash is unique to Pacific Energy – The extremely hot air gives you one of the cleanest glass doors

  • Perfect Door Seal Every Time

    This might not sound important, but when you know that every time you close the door its 100% sealed and that the door seals completely embed to the heater giving you an air tight seal that lasts.. It�s nice to know your heater will perform better because you know the door is 100% sealed every time

    The Super Wood Heater - Perfect Door Seal Every Time

  • The Super Wood Heater - Simple Single Leaver Air Control

    Simple Single Leaver Air Control

    With a single leaver control, with 150mm of adjustment means you have full control over your fire

  • Leg or Pedistal?

    Design your heater to suit your home with a choice of Legs or Pedestal design. You can put some Bling on your heater with Chrome legs and Chrome door.

    The Super Wood Heater - Leg or Pedistal?

    The Super Wood Heater - Made in Canada

    Made in Canada

    The Pacific Energy Wood heaters are 100% Canadian made